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Well! Thursday night I packed my gear, took the chick to dinner and waited for @thebajakid chris for the swoop. Him and AK (asian kris) he doesn’t spell his name with a K but it sounded better than Air Conditioning. (AC)

We hopped on the 405 S and headed to Ross’ -fiiisshfiinderr- pad to pick up donations for the orphans, ninos and the adopted grandpa caballeros.

Coming through the border got X rayed..again. hahah dangit. had to get out feeling crappy and cold. let us go after a bit. We stopped in Ensenada to look for food.. one taco shack.. dude had killer thick asada slabs. Couple and a super sugary glass grape soda wake you right up. 4am friday.

so we arrived at the little… mission? (flash made it looks darker then it was) Apparently it was a ranch and these old dudes showed up and kept accumulating haha.. veteranos! Thats the Hispanic way. people work together surprisingly… as the sun was coming up. rad. two dog friends, both really old and weary but still let me give em love and snacks. Some little wahoccan dude came out of that adobe hut thing.. i think it was sweet.

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San Quintin was like another 40 minutes down the road.. here is an average flats lots sketchy shack.. you get the lot for like 36$…. so yea lets build whatever. My mom follows a blog and the lady was posting pics on the road our friends live on, building a concrete house for a family! There is a bit of religious help that does stuff like that occasionally. Anyone interested i can get you in contact with people that really will take ANYTHING. Remember. average wage. 8$ a day. We also have a friend that started a dog foster down in Baja. He’s managing 70 dogs. Any help is SUPER needed.

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We arrived at Chris’ dads.. I was staying next door with Oscar..Kellys oldest son. Super chill..hes like the ringleader.. but I’m pretty sure he was fishing. So after Chris and AK took naps and me and John (chris’ dad), and his chick went to a breakfast spot for hotdogs, eggs, beans (duh every dish has a bean something) with cheese, a smoked pork chop and mushrooms.. 2.70$ this stop involved a crazy dude begging for tortillas with his beanie pulled down over his eyes.. (we are the only people in there) came in three times. Funny arguments with the man behind the counter and he finally jammed.

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long story short once the Catian boys came in from fishing we headed down to the Old Mill / Cafe Molina for lunch. you fit on the wood pier dock thing and watch the boats come in. eating 3$ fresh Guacamole ( he ordered us amazing breaded … yet juicy chicken sandwiches with weird tarter sauce mayo. bomb) thanks Kelly! his treat.

George (bird) had some good yellows and big reds for his guys.. Oscar sucks and only had redz. haha! its because he was wearing some weird hat…bad luck.

I was feeling like crap so I headed to Oscars to rest. Mellow night.. we all just kicked it.

Next morning we all get up and its already howling.. no fishing for me. i still felt off.

Some of you know.. that i was diagnosed with leukemia in August and went through a life saving bone marrow transplant on 1-13-16. fucked me up. real bad. and probably for life. so the mornings are tough, days weeks..hours.. all can be a rollercoaster. Its been obviously the most difficult thing I’ve ever done and will do. Well I thought it was like any other day.. i didn’t realize i was getting super sick and even pushing myself down there I was getting worse. Had to take a norco to  get out of bed. masks fevers.. their biggest issue post transplant.. means i rush to ER. =[ Sooooo, Once I get up and going I drive down to the old mill, where everything happens.. to get wifi to contact the wife (wish she would come)

So I come around to the hotel office..i was going to go see the homie Angie ( (Oscars chick)  to see if she could call christian, so i had someone to chill with..

—  i really like this pic of her. can’t believe i took it.. tumbler bro!  Angie is from the US and speaks fluent english.. helpful and refreshing’ haha i have a couple cool friends there that i can barely talk too haha! I’m learning it back slowly. —

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SOO as i walk around the corner, I smell some bombs.. later found out they are building this “quaint” little cafe right next to the office. NIFTY! i walk in and she goes are you Kris? depends.. i look for an exit.. she’s like i heard you were staying with Oscar, are you hungry? whatcha got.. omelette? YUP. oh btw people speaking english, especially super fluent .. is rare there.

Some moto dudes ( San Quintin has amazing offloading and riding) see me inside and come in.. she made them omelettes as well. made me feel good to see her hustling, getting their little thing together. i drink a few OJs, have a coffee, and she sits down to chat with me when the others leave. super nice girl i hope they make it. $6 for all that btw. Baja. Anyone want a good ass wife? you’d honestly probably want to stay there considering rent in a house with hot water and power is $200 a month. BUT THAAA WIIINNDDD.

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— i wish i knew her name — in the workplace.. she was kind of excited i took photos and ask i take more outside haha

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Outside northern view of the bay..right outside the hotel. Super mellow. but i think its pretty much useless it just fills up with dirty water and drains aggressively haha.. Google Earth San Quintin B.C. .. its basically volcanoes lining the beach making a HUGE set of two bays. the boat ride out is risky and takes 25 minutes.. and sometimes you get to the exit and the swell and tide don’t allow you to leave! its gnarly….and amazing. The French (i think) settled it and were exporting something like wheat.. i don’t remember the details but you can see an old pier. wondering how they dredged it enough to get any sort of ship in there.. haha. we literally follow a GPS in and out of the bay.

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I really wish they would build a slight little like resort “beach” for the girls.. somewhere to hang while we fish n shit.  Its not quitteee girlfriend friendly but if you stay at this hotel its nice, comfy has hot showers and heaters..(bring laptop they have wifi n stuff)  and if you fish with K&M Sportfishing you’re on a parker getting fed. most girlfriends will be fine its only a weekend trip! haha its extremely sick if you have a 4×4 or RZR..  and the boys offer guided trips. Heck we took some kids tiny ford car thing on the trip around the volcanoes!

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Well Kelly ran some guys out and with the wind they requested to just fish the bay… they end up with a 50# class black seabags ( Mero ) on the 7″ Recon Swimbait tails equipped with a 3/4 oz Warbaits Slayer Lead Head I brought down. SCORE! ( you can keep them in baja) we were so pumped haha. I’d take that over a fist full of fork tails.


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Oscar.. eating bananas and looking for man thongs… not today. it was too cold. maybe mananna

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Not many guys know how to filet a big Mero like that… thats why he makes in one day cutting fish, his total wages on the farm for a week. #filetguy I wish christian would come work in the states and save up some money .. it goes a crazy long way down there….btwif anyone has anything offload or vehicle i can take down there, the average wage is 8-9$ a day. crazy!! but they’ll take whatever

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Best in the fleet. Parker boats, Captain Kelly. and dudes got a wild diving legacy..thats restarting apparently hahah!

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#FiletGuy Christian with the black…looks like a big black whitefish

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  • Radom insert- I love yellowtail and will /would let most go if I can, so I can catch more. I actually watched salvay do it on the 150 and it changed my outlook on fishing them and since i was little I’ve really only been obsessed with one eating an iron preferably a surface. I do enjoy eating them, but I personally really only like fish raw. I mean imagine how much fish I’ve eaten haha.. Disclaimer -fried tacos or cooked unhealthy with a bunch of butter n shit- halibut and yellows. Capt. Morgan would let me on whatever boat that was by myself when i was like 7.. throw jigs at 7# patty yellows all day haha.. I wish I could get more information on yellowtails life cycle and migration patterns. I saw some crazy stuff happen this last year (el nino shift) real crazy .. my grandpa said he had never seen yellowtail fishing like that in 60 years of fishing. but they didn’t come to local as they did last year. Did they stay at Cedros? they need time to recover… or do we need to help release open water schools? I know most of you are also yellowtail obsessed haha…down in SQ I’ve seen hundreds of yellows, mid winter… circling the high spots down there when diving. year round yellows and Lings. Leggo. My grandpa used to go down and stay with Kellys dad back in the day.. he was even down there when that ship rolled.. crazy that i end up obsessed with it this many years later. He told my mom it used to be really dirty.. hahaha shit thanks pops.

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So were back chilling at Oscars, and he’s like I’m taking you guys to the volcanos… PERFECT! We load up in two cars, and were off…to get snacks. everything so cheap and good you just go in and buy what the heck ever…. shameless! Mexicandy for the win.

The drive around the volcano and onto this sick plateau where you can see miles and miles of untouched varying aggressive coast. insane.

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they were making out.. cuties

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We drove all the way around the point attempting to get oysters and the farm was closed. During all of this we were watching the full moon rise above the big volcano. Chris spilled bong water all over the car..fuckin chris..bong water. stinky..

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this is down on the beach.. another view of the island. There were these houses that look freshly built and never really lived in behind us.. weird.

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das me… a very sick me apparently. 5-22-16 (1 of 1)-52

a very closed oyster farm thats probably been there since dirt5-22-16 (1 of 1)-55

Saturday night was bonging and fish shrimp buttery tacos thanks to Oscar and Angie. The tiny new blue cat, “dude” pacing the couch wanting pieces.. of course he got pieces.

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We’re Bit!

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Sunday before departure was more dog bonding. they all love dogs there.. everyone has one. Most get taken care of.. most of my friends dogs are spoiled haha. Again we have a friend with 70+ rescues.. he built palet houses for and is attempting to get a fostering system going… please help out.

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she’s so prettttty

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well as i close this… long story short, When i got home I ran a fever and ended up at sunset kaiser – hollywood- and its horrible. The worst food I’ve seen. Crazy bad. Missed my sisters 20th birthday. Happy Birthday Kali.. and had to board my dogs because my chick was flying to michigan for a week. Just my luck. Two blood infections and pneumonia. stellar. But I’m glad i got to spend my last weekend somewhere I’m obsessed with. Thanks everyone for the hospitality. EVERYONE.



Most of this trip was on video.. i will try to get it up on youtube, and then post the link. but i did take a few photos. Story as follows…


Well, Me and @Cj_conrad (below) who runs a lot of media with me. he’s amazing with a camera and growing fast.. so our buddy Evan Salvay invites us out for a day of blue finning and filming. He packs his Gear.. drives the prius down from santa Monica and picks me up. late.

Our friend Evan Salvay runs a custom charter service normally out of Cabrillo but this season gonna be down in SD. Contact evan about any trips and mention Current Crew for a homie hook up. Kid really is one of the best private captains around. no crap. he kills a lot of fish… when needed. not with greed.

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We make it to SD at like 10..hit the store and load up. one thing about crew trips on THE HAWK are those fools bring nothing to eat… they usually don’t even bring water.. fuck that i snack up. frozen burritos n shit. and i always end up bringing extras.. fuckers.

In the morning we ran over and got fuel from mission.. theres a spot that you can get diesel with your card, no attendant.. at the hotel. everyone digging in their pockets trying to round up gas money haha. i run inside a freaking Einstein bros bagel place at the top of the ramp!! haha crucial.. she makes me like this breakfast burrito and i get a juice. i come out and Matt -irod- is like DUUUUUDE,, he isn’t a cheap ass either and he runs up to get himself one hahahah



Got out to the spot and on em quick. Matt and evan with matts nice Socal bluefin on his own rod ” Irod ” and the Accurate Valiant 300. a tiny little bad ass fish killing reel. I watched it work.

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Matt O was on em… Long rodding.

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Red White and Blue…Fin3-12-16 (1 of 1)-9

Mr Kevin Stewart

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captain Evan.. matt.. Jeff. (nautical negro)

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mayhem. Shouts to Reliable kill bags

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Matt cleaning a nice bluefin

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slllllllabs for all! Sushi cuts only for me haha

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Heading down to San Pedro, we hopped on Sherwood ( @ibesherwood ) from Globe shoes / distribution’s 28′ Grady White. What an awesome fish machine! The quest was set towards a local high spot we figured would be holding. On the way out we started seeing good signs of life, and passed a small gathering of boats with a few anglers bending. We soaked baits and hucked the iron, ended up with barracuda and free swimming calico bass. (one wrecking sherwoods freshly rebuilt diawa lexa 300 haha!) we knew we could pick away at  yellows if we stayed and waited it out but we wanted some fast action, and knew patty hunting was the way to go.


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Climbing atop the Grady Whites hardtop we began the search. water conditions were amazing with around 75 degree water, almost no well and 0 wind. First kelp we stopped on had a few other boats lingering, we respectfully crept in and sent some irons over.  We had visual conformation of fish chasing the baits but nothing would go. every once in a while boils blowing up next to the kelp. FUCK IT im putting my suit on. With the boat next to us yelling at me not to get in the water, (as he has hung 0 fish) I jumped in without my gun. Upon entering, I was immediately surrounded by dorado aka Mahi – Mahi (fish so good they named it twice). I eagerly swam right back to the boat for the gun. Weapon of choice? JBL Spearguns new REAPER 130cm rail gun with a reel and FLOPPER! Amazing accuracy and easy of use. Upon re entering the water, the fish spooked so I swam to the kelp. I was quickly walled by dorado off the kelp, smoked one from far out, terrible shot and lost the fish quickly. (those guys go nuts). Second pass were yellows. picked one off and threw it in the boat. Swivelnecking, scared shitless of sharks (been seeing big ones lately) on the way to the boat I saw a huge school of dorado, so I lingered off the kelp, and was able to get a school of nice fish in. The real big Bull dorado were weary and wouldn’t come within firing range. Finally a pack came in and I was able to smoke a little bull.  With a few fish on board we packed up and headed for another kelp.

Next kelp had some smaller yellows, smoked a few and headed off again. Couple miles away I spot a swordfish finning. Tried EVERYTHING to get him in but nada. What’s crazy is the thunderbird ¾ day boat ended up landing on in the same damn area that went 160#! -_-


So almost home, we see the enterprise (friends of ours) stopped on a killer kelp. We linger outside patiently and respectfully until he was done. We didn’t see a single bent rod for 60 people. We slide in, Sherwood throws a bait I throw a flat fall.. nada. Start to head out and see four HUGE FUCKING TAILS lingering under the end of this long kelp. Freaking out, I put the top of my suit on and immediately enter the water. Sure enough, couple slobs and couple rats literally sleeping on the kelp. I creep up, and fire on the closest to me, directly through his gills. An easyyyy 30+lb fish that’s just been shot and not stoned, is a monster. I lose him quickly, reload, don’t bother restringing the shooting line, and another one sticks its head out. I extend, he tries to swim under me and I shoot him mid body from the top down.. right under/past me into the stump of the patty he goes. I probably saw him swim around, through, up, down around through, that kelp 20 times until he buried himself inside. I call Sherwood in, throw the gun on the boat, follow my bright yellow reel line down, and manage to find him upside down. The humans hunting instinct does wild things, I grab this fish with everything I have, and quickly get a knife into him (referred to as “braining the fish// essentially killing it and hopefully ending his little misery. We aren’t barbarians, just oceanic hunters). Back on the surface, I spend a few minutes breathing up, but with all the blood I knew I had to get him in the boat. I dive down, grab him and start swimming the fish, the kelp, the line the shaft, everything to the surface. So much adrenaline had me still fired up. Because the shaft was so tangled, I had to cut the line out of the fish and swim it to the boat. Soon as I began to lift the fish Sherwood begins to laugh and I heard that sexy THUD as it goes over the rail. She went 49” and didn’t get a weight. Personal best yellowtail shot 9 miles from my front door.



Crushing Big SoCal Yellowfin Tuna.

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Another awesome day on the water!

– as the story goes –

We left Mario’s pad in OS around 4Am. grabbed some terrible McDonalds burritos, various snacks, a little ice and hit the dock.. Driscolls in Mission Beach.

Our faithful fishing partner sparks, was scheduled to meet us at the dock. Shows up late, still up from the night before and pretty buzzed. (This dude gets sick every trip yet is always down. We have destroyed fish, and even limited on every trip he has come on so i can see how he looks past the constant puking)

Waiting like a patient steed, the brand new 23 Everglades center console with 300 mercury Verado looked as pretty as ever.Thanks to the yellowtail tournament, huge line for the bait barge. We, as usual, opt out of bait. Fuck it! Tady45 and Small modified colt snipers for the win.

As soon as we left the harbor, we were getting our asses kicked. It has been windy in the morning but calming down in the afternoons so I assured the boys it would get better.. maybe 10 minutes in, Sparks is already puking haha. Id didn’t get better.

We stopped on some porpoise schools for nada, and after hours of searching finally saw a skiff stopped on apparently a kelp. with the weather that bad finding kelp in a CC was near impossible. We came in slow and calm, as a big sport boat hauled ass past us and completely kooked out this guys kelp. After noticing our mellow approach he invited us to share the kelp and push the sporty out! I could see yellows chasing my iron but not wanting to chew, so on went the wetsuit. Upon entering the chopped up water, I could see a little bait but no yellows. about 2 minutes go by and I get walled by 5-10ers. I smoke the largest i could see with my JBL Reaper 130 Rail gun with reel (first time firing, gun kicked a little and i shot the fish high, took him only a few seconds to tear himself to pieces and escape)
I reload, and fire again, landing a nice yellowtail. Once secured to my striker i was walled AGAIN and managed to shoot another. The water was really bad so i decided to get back on the boat.

We begin trolling around and immediately hook up to a yellowfin. 28lb or so, immediately boated. Trollers back out, BAM doubles. The first one boated and second taken by a shark as it was being gafed. whatever shark it was, was massive (We have video footage of big great whites, big hammerheads and a 13+ foot Mako in this zone). We end up with 9 tuna with 2 over 50lbs in about 50 minutes. not wanting to be greedy, plenty of fish for the day, we decide to head in. (radio calls going out warning boaters of the inshore conditions.. it was straight nasty out. waves coming over the bow, but that boat is insanely salty and we weren’t the least bit worried. i left my wetsuit on as the boys hid behind the console.. we made it)

Gilled and gutted the tuna at the dock, and shoved them into our Rental BMX wagon that had to be returned in a few hours. (poor BMW Dealer) Headed back to Marios house, and spent the next few hours filleting, removing the blood line and vacuum sealing fish. nightmare of a task but better then not catchin!


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Gaviotas, Baja!

Part of the current crew was lucky enough to attend and assist in a baja beach bikini photo shoot for our friends over at eve7 swimwear (check’m out). We headed out on a Friday to a bitchen gated community a few miles south of Rosarito, baja Mex. after a nightmare of traffic on the 5 we crossed the border as the sun went down. Sort of a bummer to miss the cool views of the quick drive to the house! we arrived and the party was on. Our friends that had arrived previously greeted us with shots, smiles and good vibes. As a group we decided to show some of the first timers what downtown Rosarito was really like so where did we go? Papas & Beer! -duh- (shoulda taken them to Anthony’s right?!). We quickly made friends and the DJ was shouting or current crew to the whole crackin shindig in no time. Our private pilot Luke, found himself two SDSU girls in town for spring break and decided he wanted to stay! Told the girls we would need a photo of their ID. made him tell me clearly 3 times he was safe to leave, and did just that. Left his ass and headed home.




Day two, first things first verified the Luke was back and he sure was ( B A R E L Y ). after we shoot the hangover and chased the hair of the dog down we headed out for a dive. We could see a healthy kelp patty a few hundred yards offshore past the sweet surf break. As a group we headed out to mess around and scored with a little bit of life despite the terrible green water visibility. Also! Our new friend Mark, a veteran of war bomb defuser and double paraplegic even strapped on his fin legs and came out for a bit! Much respect for that, we were astonished on his skills.
After our dive the crew drank some more, of course and worked our way down to the beach to begin the photoshoot. As the sun set it made for some epic shots! Great place to shoot indeed. As the sun set, we decided to head south for dinner to a sweet little lobster town for great food and free margaritas. ( no longer cheap lobster dinners though ) Pretty bummed that locals can take any sized lobsters there and it shows. The reef was dead, we didn’t spot a single bug.
Sunday we had to check out of our house so we headed up the street to our buddy that owns the swimwear company to do some more product shots, play some drinking games and relax by the pool until it was time to head out. The very nice man that rented us our house actually provided us with a “fast pass” which made exiting a breeze. We entered the boarder check point with 4 cars in front of us. Legendary. Mexico you were a blast, we will see you again soon.



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Catalina Trip

Part of the current crew headed out mid day saturday to see our boy Jeff and finish off lobster season with a bang. We loaded up the boat, strapped with plenty of beer and dive gear for 3 dudes and two beautiful ladies. We also brought the unimportant things like sleeping bags. We made it to the island, checked into the little bungalows (awesome for 55$ a night) met up with Jeff and headed out for a dive. Didn’t find any of the yellow or white kinds but grabbed a few lobsters and some nice reef fish for the BBQ. As we motored back to two harbors we got to whiteness the most amazing bright red and purple sunset. Put out a killer vibe over the clan.
We got a mooring for the skiffer and headed back to the bungalows for deodorant and shots. One quick call to Jeff and we were off to a rad little kick back BBQ where the girls made bacon lobster burgers from scratch and fresh tails to go along with. Of course we ended up tanked and stumbled down to the beach where Jeff dialed is in with a massive pallet fire right on the beach. The dude lives the life, literally the closest home to the water his front yard features a chill wood deck bar, then fucking sand. Doesn’t get much more rad then that. Couple members decided to sack up and crash on Jeffs floor. Come morning time we headed back to verify their existence and discovered some very hung over individuals! After some very expensive breakfast at the isthmus cafe we rounded the troops. We grabbed some 6.50$ a gallon fuel and made our way back to the west end. Ended the day with some smaller grade yellows and a quick ride home. Great weekend, on a great island with, with amazing friends.