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Heading down to San Pedro, we hopped on Sherwood ( @ibesherwood ) from Globe shoes / distribution’s 28′ Grady White. What an awesome fish machine! The quest was set towards a local high spot we figured would be holding. On the way out we started seeing good signs of life, and passed a small gathering of boats with a few anglers bending. We soaked baits and hucked the iron, ended up with barracuda and free swimming calico bass. (one wrecking sherwoods freshly rebuilt diawa lexa 300 haha!) we knew we could pick away at  yellows if we stayed and waited it out but we wanted some fast action, and knew patty hunting was the way to go.


7-25-15 (1 of 1)-7


Climbing atop the Grady Whites hardtop we began the search. water conditions were amazing with around 75 degree water, almost no well and 0 wind. First kelp we stopped on had a few other boats lingering, we respectfully crept in and sent some irons over.  We had visual conformation of fish chasing the baits but nothing would go. every once in a while boils blowing up next to the kelp. FUCK IT im putting my suit on. With the boat next to us yelling at me not to get in the water, (as he has hung 0 fish) I jumped in without my gun. Upon entering, I was immediately surrounded by dorado aka Mahi – Mahi (fish so good they named it twice). I eagerly swam right back to the boat for the gun. Weapon of choice? JBL Spearguns new REAPER 130cm rail gun with a reel and FLOPPER! Amazing accuracy and easy of use. Upon re entering the water, the fish spooked so I swam to the kelp. I was quickly walled by dorado off the kelp, smoked one from far out, terrible shot and lost the fish quickly. (those guys go nuts). Second pass were yellows. picked one off and threw it in the boat. Swivelnecking, scared shitless of sharks (been seeing big ones lately) on the way to the boat I saw a huge school of dorado, so I lingered off the kelp, and was able to get a school of nice fish in. The real big Bull dorado were weary and wouldn’t come within firing range. Finally a pack came in and I was able to smoke a little bull.  With a few fish on board we packed up and headed for another kelp.

Next kelp had some smaller yellows, smoked a few and headed off again. Couple miles away I spot a swordfish finning. Tried EVERYTHING to get him in but nada. What’s crazy is the thunderbird ¾ day boat ended up landing on in the same damn area that went 160#! -_-


So almost home, we see the enterprise (friends of ours) stopped on a killer kelp. We linger outside patiently and respectfully until he was done. We didn’t see a single bent rod for 60 people. We slide in, Sherwood throws a bait I throw a flat fall.. nada. Start to head out and see four HUGE FUCKING TAILS lingering under the end of this long kelp. Freaking out, I put the top of my suit on and immediately enter the water. Sure enough, couple slobs and couple rats literally sleeping on the kelp. I creep up, and fire on the closest to me, directly through his gills. An easyyyy 30+lb fish that’s just been shot and not stoned, is a monster. I lose him quickly, reload, don’t bother restringing the shooting line, and another one sticks its head out. I extend, he tries to swim under me and I shoot him mid body from the top down.. right under/past me into the stump of the patty he goes. I probably saw him swim around, through, up, down around through, that kelp 20 times until he buried himself inside. I call Sherwood in, throw the gun on the boat, follow my bright yellow reel line down, and manage to find him upside down. The humans hunting instinct does wild things, I grab this fish with everything I have, and quickly get a knife into him (referred to as “braining the fish// essentially killing it and hopefully ending his little misery. We aren’t barbarians, just oceanic hunters). Back on the surface, I spend a few minutes breathing up, but with all the blood I knew I had to get him in the boat. I dive down, grab him and start swimming the fish, the kelp, the line the shaft, everything to the surface. So much adrenaline had me still fired up. Because the shaft was so tangled, I had to cut the line out of the fish and swim it to the boat. Soon as I began to lift the fish Sherwood begins to laugh and I heard that sexy THUD as it goes over the rail. She went 49” and didn’t get a weight. Personal best yellowtail shot 9 miles from my front door.


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