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Crushing Big SoCal Yellowfin Tuna.

6-28-15 (1 of 1)-3

6-28-15 (1 of 1)-8

Another awesome day on the water!

– as the story goes –

We left Mario’s pad in OS around 4Am. grabbed some terrible McDonalds burritos, various snacks, a little ice and hit the dock.. Driscolls in Mission Beach.

Our faithful fishing partner sparks, was scheduled to meet us at the dock. Shows up late, still up from the night before and pretty buzzed. (This dude gets sick every trip yet is always down. We have destroyed fish, and even limited on every trip he has come on so i can see how he looks past the constant puking)

Waiting like a patient steed, the brand new 23 Everglades center console with 300 mercury Verado looked as pretty as ever.Thanks to the yellowtail tournament, huge line for the bait barge. We, as usual, opt out of bait. Fuck it! Tady45 and Small modified colt snipers for the win.

As soon as we left the harbor, we were getting our asses kicked. It has been windy in the morning but calming down in the afternoons so I assured the boys it would get better.. maybe 10 minutes in, Sparks is already puking haha. Id didn’t get better.

We stopped on some porpoise schools for nada, and after hours of searching finally saw a skiff stopped on apparently a kelp. with the weather that bad finding kelp in a CC was near impossible. We came in slow and calm, as a big sport boat hauled ass past us and completely kooked out this guys kelp. After noticing our mellow approach he invited us to share the kelp and push the sporty out! I could see yellows chasing my iron but not wanting to chew, so on went the wetsuit. Upon entering the chopped up water, I could see a little bait but no yellows. about 2 minutes go by and I get walled by 5-10ers. I smoke the largest i could see with my JBL Reaper 130 Rail gun with reel (first time firing, gun kicked a little and i shot the fish high, took him only a few seconds to tear himself to pieces and escape)
I reload, and fire again, landing a nice yellowtail. Once secured to my striker i was walled AGAIN and managed to shoot another. The water was really bad so i decided to get back on the boat.

We begin trolling around and immediately hook up to a yellowfin. 28lb or so, immediately boated. Trollers back out, BAM doubles. The first one boated and second taken by a shark as it was being gafed. whatever shark it was, was massive (We have video footage of big great whites, big hammerheads and a 13+ foot Mako in this zone). We end up with 9 tuna with 2 over 50lbs in about 50 minutes. not wanting to be greedy, plenty of fish for the day, we decide to head in. (radio calls going out warning boaters of the inshore conditions.. it was straight nasty out. waves coming over the bow, but that boat is insanely salty and we weren’t the least bit worried. i left my wetsuit on as the boys hid behind the console.. we made it)

Gilled and gutted the tuna at the dock, and shoved them into our Rental BMX wagon that had to be returned in a few hours. (poor BMW Dealer) Headed back to Marios house, and spent the next few hours filleting, removing the blood line and vacuum sealing fish. nightmare of a task but better then not catchin!


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