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Catalina Trip

Part of the current crew headed out mid day saturday to see our boy Jeff and finish off lobster season with a bang. We loaded up the boat, strapped with plenty of beer and dive gear for 3 dudes and two beautiful ladies. We also brought the unimportant things like sleeping bags. We made it to the island, checked into the little bungalows (awesome for 55$ a night) met up with Jeff and headed out for a dive. Didn’t find any of the yellow or white kinds but grabbed a few lobsters and some nice reef fish for the BBQ. As we motored back to two harbors we got to whiteness the most amazing bright red and purple sunset. Put out a killer vibe over the clan.
We got a mooring for the skiffer and headed back to the bungalows for deodorant and shots. One quick call to Jeff and we were off to a rad little kick back BBQ where the girls made bacon lobster burgers from scratch and fresh tails to go along with. Of course we ended up tanked and stumbled down to the beach where Jeff dialed is in with a massive pallet fire right on the beach. The dude lives the life, literally the closest home to the water his front yard features a chill wood deck bar, then fucking sand. Doesn’t get much more rad then that. Couple members decided to sack up and crash on Jeffs floor. Come morning time we headed back to verify their existence and discovered some very hung over individuals! After some very expensive breakfast at the isthmus cafe we rounded the troops. We grabbed some 6.50$ a gallon fuel and made our way back to the west end. Ended the day with some smaller grade yellows and a quick ride home. Great weekend, on a great island with, with amazing friends.

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